Food Incubation Centre

CEDMAP Food Processing Incubation Centre

CEDMAP has established a Food Processing Incubation Centre with the support of Ministry of MSME, Government of India and is offering skill training programs as well as full incubation support on food processing and value addition. These intricately designed programs are providing hands-on experiences and encourage new entrepreneurs to establish fresh and innovative food processing units. 

CEDMAP Incubation Centre is available to interested stakeholders for product development, testing, and commercializing new processed food products. The Incubation center will offer varied support services like mentoring, domain expertise, financial, legal, IPR, License, Accounting, IT, Trademark, etc too.


Objective of the programs:

  1. Awareness and creation of new micro-enterprises in the field of food processing.
  2. To enlighten, and skillup new and aspiring entrepreneurs in new food processing technology
  3. To provide varied support services like legal, product design, finance, marketing, and overview of Government schemes in the food processing industry.
  4. To extend hands-on training to trainees by simulating the industrial processes on the plant and machinery.  

Eligibility to participate in training programs:

Any person who is above 18 years and interested in Self Employment or Wage employment in the field of the food processing industry can apply.

The following products and food processing facilities are available in the CEDMAP Incubation Centre:

1.Food products based on grains and pulses:

               1.            Daliya

               2.            Dal

               3.            Roasted grains (black gram, millets, corn, flax seed, nuts)

               4.            Flour, Sattu

               5.            Namkin, Kurkure

2. Food products based on spices:

              1.            Spice processing (coriander, red chilli, turmeric etc.)

3. Food products based on Bakery:

             1.            Bread, Bun

             2.            Biscuits, Cookies

             3.            Cake, Pastry, Cream roll

             4.            Baked Samosa, Patties

4. Food products based on Fruits and Vegetables:

             1.            Fruit Juice, Pulps, Jam, Jelly, Squash, Fruit Bar, Candy etc.

             2.            Tomato juice, pulp, sauce, ketchup

             3.            Canning of fruits and vegetables

             4.            Fruits and Vegetables dehydration and freeze drying

             5.            Pickles

             6.            Potato chips

5. Food products based on Milk and Dairy:

            1.            Icecream

            2.            Chocolate

Proposed Training Program Details:

S. No.

Name of Program

Program Duration


Pickle manufacturing techniques, packaging and marketing

1 Day


Spice processing ( Dhaniya, Mirch, Haldi etc.)

1 Day


Aanwla Processing ( Juice, Murabba, Powder, Candy etc.)

1 Day


Roasted Products ( Chana, Makka, Jowar, Alsi, Nuts, Sattu)

1 Day


Icecream manufacturing

1 Day


Chocolate manufacturing

1 Day


Sugar Candy, Chikki, Gajak etc.

1 Day


Mushroom processing

2 Days


Grains and Pulse processing

3 Days


Fruits and vegetables dehydration (Including garlic and onion)

3 Days


Fruits Juice and pulp manufacturing, tomato processing

3 Days


Jam, Jelly, Squash manufacturing

3 Days


Potato chips, Namkin, Kurkure etc. manufacturing

5 Days


Bakery products manufacturing (Bread, Bun, Biscuits, Cookies, Cake, Cream roll, Pastry, Baked samosa etc. )

5 Days


Opportunities to start food processing industry on

Grains processing

Pulses processing

Spices processing

Oilseeds processing

Fruits Juice, pulps

Jam, Jelly, Squash, Ketchup

Fruits and vegetables dehydration

FSSAI License need and guidelines

Govt. Schemes, Incentives on food processing

15 Days



How to apply:

Interested candidates can send their nomination form on


For further details please contact:

Dr. V. P. Singh                                                                              Mr. R. K. Shukla

Nodal Officer, L.B.I., CEDMAP                                                     Coordinator, L.B.I., CEDMAP 

Mob. 9479935845, 9425386409                                                  Mob. 8319808183