Awards and Recognitions

Prestigious Accolades for Esteemed Recognition of CEDMAP and its millennial Endeavors & Initiatives



CEDMAP in its magnanimous journey of more than 3 decades has won numerous awards and accolades. A list of a few prominent awards is given below:

  • "Innovative Trainer Award 2021" from the Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD).
  • "Skoch Financial Inclusion Award 2013" bestowed for Gender Empowerment through “Skill Development Programme Mukhyamantri Shahri Gharelu Kamkaji Mahila Kalyan Yojna".
  • "Skoch Financial Inclusion Award 2012": A Certificate of Merit for "Placement linked Indian Leather Development Programme" for being rated among the Top 50 Financial Inclusion Projects in India during the year 2011.
  • "Madhya Pradesh Best Employer Brand Awards 2018" - Founder, World CSR Day and World Sustainability.