Vision and Mission


To be the epitome of Innovation, inclusion & sustainable economic growth of society & To be the global leader in entrepreneurship, skilling and leadership development & to produce world-class leaders”- CEDMAP

Every human being has the right to dream about becoming an entrepreneur and fulfill it too. A million such astounding dreams are born in the vicinities of the rural and underprivileged sections of society. But most of them get trampled due to either the lack of adequate knowledge and appropriate skills or frequently due to the lackadaisical attitude of investors towards the deprived and weaker sections of society.
Three decades ago, due to empathy and a vision for fulfilling the dreams of emerging entrepreneurs CEDMAP came into existence with the collective efforts and brainstorming of the Ministry of small and medium scale Enterprises, Government of M.P. This organization has been relentlessly and effectively imparting training and every plausible support to individuals for becoming productive entrepreneurs & distinctive employees too. 
CEDMAP is a “Heuristics” that is the one-stop solution for all the fundamental requirements of people to transform their lives and become self-dependent. It has everything available under its roof starting from investment, training, diligent and dedicated staff, and a plethora of projects and placements too for a sustainable income. 
The noble vision of CEDMAP is equal opportunities for every human being thereby leading to economic growth. It is providing a unique platform, especially for the rural and weaker sections to become flourishing entrepreneurs and ensure that they have immaculate skills and support for sustainability.  
Entrepreneurship and leadership are qualities and skills not restricted to a few in business, but these are must-to-have skills for persons from every walk of life. Out of the 4Ms, “Manpower is the most crucial component of management, who gathers & the remaining ‘M’s for any type of management. And this human resource development and management is key to success and growth.
The core synergy of CEDMAP is to reach & illuminate the lives of millions of people globally. For powerful and stable economic growth generating livelihoods is the need of the hour and it is this enigmatic vision of CEDMAP that it has been fulfilling productively.  




  • To facilitate the creation of enterprises and jobs and a complete ecosystem for employment and self-employment.
  • To impart the highest level of skills to entrepreneurs, employees, academicians, leaders, administrators, students, homemakers, etc. in both organized and unorganized sectors, rural and urban sectors for  efficient working and best results.
  • To achieve excellence in research, studies, training, consultancy, policy making, documentation, and publication. As well as advocacy in entrepreneurship, leadership development, and allied sectors.
  • To create an ecosystem for the incubation and development of innovative and traditional enterprises in both business and social sector.
  • To use the latest information technology in developing a world-class online learning management system.
  • To explore the public-private partnership model in leadership, skilling, and entrepreneurship.
  • To foster national and international alliances to achieve its mandate.
  • To facilitate and support the Government in developing industrial and other policies.
  • To facilitate and support industries, corporate houses, PSUs, etc. in developing HR policies, training, and in any other HRM support required by them.
  • To assess the demand-supply gap in human resources, develop modules, train, and create a human resource bank.
  • To offer consultancy services in the development sector.
  • To execute CSR and other development sector projects at the grass root level through the astute trained and productive manpower.
  • To facilitate all-inclusive socio-economic growth of the society.